Sunday, April 07, 2013


My heart broke Friday morning. Our sweet Emily didn’t make it home from the vet, after a rapid decline in her health over the past week.

This past week was tough on the family. The Celiac Husband is still in a bit of a funk, so I was commissioned to write on his behalf. You’ll have to forgive me, as I haven’t written as a guest here or on my own blog in a while. Life gets in the way of keeping up with these things.

A lot of you will remember Emily from posts of days past. She was always by our side in our adventures, from the early days in Las Vegas to the harsh Calgary winters, and finally on my parent’s journey to France.

Nine years ago we picked her out of a litter from an ad mum responded to in the paper. She was the cutest Chihuahua we’d ever seen, a little ball of fur no bigger than a Converse shoe. I still remember taking her into the pet store on the way home. I chose her name myself.

The first few nights were the hardest, she howled and cried at being separated from her brothers and sisters. She was smart and easy to train, with enough patience to balance a treat on her nose. Her loyalty was to her family until the very end.

Car rides? You would always find her sitting on the Celiac Husband’s lap. Naptime? She would come snuggle in the crook of your knee. Her favourite blanket? Mum’s custom-made cashmere one of course. The house is surely a lot quieter now that she is gone.

After a few days to grieve, today we look to remember that she had a very good life, and that in return she gave us something to look forward to every time we came home. You are forever in our hearts. Goodnight sweetheart.


Allison the Meep said...

Oh, no! I'm so sorry for your loss.

Nadege said...

I am so sorry! It is so hard to lose pets and I understand so well how you all feel. Emily will be in your hearts forever.

Jennifer F said...

So sorry for your loss - losing pets is very difficult. We lost our first dog as a couple about 5 years ago and she is still in our hearts. Cherish those memories and know she will be in your hearts forever. My father made a CD of photos from her life and that has become a very special treasure that my children, husband and I love to watch from time to time. Thoughts and prayers are headed your way from Bordeaux!

CeliacChick said...

*hugs* so sorry.