Friday, April 19, 2013


Maybe one of my favorite cakes. Besides poppy seed cake, Sacher Torte and many others. But ever since childhood I do remember this hazelnut flavoured butter cream cake with the funky design glazed top.
Named after a Hungarian blue blood diplomat from the Esterhazy clan, this cake can be found everywhere in Austria.
Even in Calgary I was able to find it at Gunther's bakery. Just not gluten free.  Imagine how surprised I was when I bought some sweet treats for a friend of mine in Vienna and saw it right there in the display case, Gluten free Esterhazy slice. 

I bought a slice for Victoria to taste and not only did she approve but I myself have to say the difference was non existent. Makes sense as the amount of flour used is minimal and can easily be replaced with more ground hazelnuts. 

The pastry shop is called Kurkonditorei Oberlaa and they have multiple locations around Vienna. When I tried to google the place, I found this Blog post from a Celiac who travelled to Vienna as well a couple of years ago and was equally impressed:

So, if you visit Vienna and crave some great gluten free cakes, here is the shop's website:

And if you speak Hungarian, here is a video how to make that cake. If you don't speak that language, visit Margaret at Kingsland's Primal Soup Company. She might be able to help.......

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Nadege said...

Any pastry with hazelnuts has to be great. It looks like a Napoleon (mille-feuilles). Would love to take a bite
of this gluten-free wonder!

H.Peter said...

It's tasty!