Thursday, January 17, 2013


Victoria is going on a road trip. Tomorrow. And a fairly typical gender issue, last minute matters with clothing or shoes this case the heels of some favorite pair of boots needed repairing.  Would I know if there is a shoe repair place in town?  
Victoria needs to get out more. One street over, downtown Jarnac on the way from one of my Croissant suppliers to the butcher I go to, right there. Cordonnerie. The place that sells those funky slippers. Can't remember? 
Could I please take them there, she is busy packing??? Packing takes ME all of five minutes. How busy can you be? Anyway. 

So off I trot, glad to at least get the chance for a second Croissant this morning. Even if the shop could not fix the heels before departure, half a mission accomplished, for me anyway.
 The lady who runs the repair shop took a quick look at the heels, understood that the boots are NOT mine ( a major concern I had going into this chore, I mean, already she sees me walking in with a Chihuahua on  my arm....) and there is an urgency to the job. No problem, please come back at five. Ah, the pleasures of small town living. 
And they were done perfectly. In time for the road trip.





Nadege said...

Was the croissant better the second time around?

H.Peter said...

The Croissant is always good. The first of the day is my favorite though....

puppyfur said...

Hi there. Just discovered your blog today while looking for something IKEA...:-). You live ten mins from us....we moved to a hamlet outside Jarnac last May, and are nowhere near where you are with your renovations. I'm from Boston, husband English. Sorry I didn't discover your blog before your brocante sale! I wondered if I might ask you where you found the kitchen sink for your's exactly the sort of thing we're looking for. I look forward to keeping up with your adventures.

H.Peter said...

Hi there,

I am in Austria until the weekend, we bought the sink unit from a co in Angouleme, here is a link.They do whole kitchen set ups in that style:

If you need any other input re.: renos or stuff, contact me via email: