Tuesday, November 20, 2012


The single most asked question we encounter everywhere. Back in Canada, here in Jarnac from some locals and of course my parents who are in Austria, which would have been a more logic location in their eyes. After all, France is one the countries with the highest taxes in Europe.

Well, let me explain. 
Health. Some regular clients from way back at GFP in Cochrane may recall how Victoria suffers from severe Migraines and we all do know that Alberta with it`s location east of the Rockies is Chinook country, a major migraine inducing weather condition. Not only limited to actual Chinook season (which is 6 month anyway), but the barometric pressure changes in Calgary persist all year long and with it come migraines for many many sufferers.
There was a report just recently on the news about how AB has the highest suicide rate in all of Canada and they made the relation to mental illness and bullying.
I believe they should have mentioned weather induced depression as well. In Austria, the town of Innsbruck, located in an area with very similar conditions as Calgary, has the highest suicide rate in that country. I do not want to play this opinion up too much, but some of you who suffer from migraines may be able to relate.
So we looked all over the Interwebs for spots with fewer barometric pressure changes, no mountains, etc., etc.

The Charente is known for it`s micro climate and as we did more comparisons, the region always came out on top. Though we did give Austria a quick tryout, let me tell you, the most horrifying experience with one of Victoria`s headaches  happened there. It was so bad, so scary, that both Isabella and myself were mortified when Victoria`s  veines on her head started to bulge out into 3D dimensions as if she was starring in a horror movie. We were on the road, miles from a doc or hospital and no help anywhere. At a gas station I was able to buy ice cold cans of soft drinks (no ice cubes), which made the situation a bit more bearable for Victoria until we we able to get her more help. needless to say, Austria was eliminated that day.

And this is the reason why we are here. In SW France. Though Victoria still has migraines once in a while, they are not  nearly as frequent nor severe as they were back in Calgary. And not weather related. I think her husband may be responsible for a few....

On a separate note, in a magazine article back home, GF Patisserie was falsely labelled a French company. Though it made the write up sound so much more exciting and quite frankly sexy ( Sales people will know what I mean....), GF Patisserie is a proud Canadian company with a Canadian Lawyer and a Canadian Accountant owned by a Canadian business woman. GF Patisserie is not doing any business in France, no bakery, no baked goods. just a healthier life for the owner, Victoria Edlinger.

GF Patisserie would love to find a licensee here in France, no doubt. Which by the way is NOT a franchise. Big difference actually. No ongoing fees, no monthly dues.
Even a flour distributor would do for now, so if you know somebody.....

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