Wednesday, November 07, 2012


And slap a pundit. If you see one.

While none of below represents my own political views or opinions, it baffles me how idiots such as Dick Morris get paid air time.
Granted, there are some shrill leftists (such as that Allred......) but no other commentator on either side is completely wrong as often as the DICK.
Even though Newt Gingrich was as wrong this time around as well, he has some intelligence to him. The DICK is just an idiot. This video is from two days ago.... He says at 3:15 " I am doing this for a living.....", Holy merde. Who'd hire that schmuck now??

Nate Silver, with no agenda other than keeping his consulting job at the newspaper he works at, got it right.  And stays humble till the end.


Nadege said...

I never heard of Dick Morris but then again, I don't watch Fox News. I started watching the "you tube" video but just was not interested. That guy is boring and has no charisma.

Sheila said...

Have always thought DM was an
idiot. His tune changes to suit
the Romney. Hard
to believe Clinton ever hired
Morris as an advisor.

By the way, Gallup has some egg
on their face(s) today. Tried to
argue that their polling was
all-encompassing, and the race
would be much closer. Nate is
right again. Thank goodness!