Tuesday, October 30, 2012


One year in Europe. One year that flew by in no time. One year that was really really exciting.
There is a post from a fellow Blogger who arrived a mere 10 days or so before us in France with her family from New York State. When I read her post last week, it was incredible to see some of the similar observations. With some minor changes, I could have cut & paste her post over here......


We obviously had our own moments of curiosity and head scratching moments, but overall we are very content with the way things have turned out so far. France, with all it's little oddities is a very good place to choose if you plan to expatriate yourself for one reason or the other. As with any other place in this world I have lived, not all is perfect but in the sum of all things, France tips the scale on the positive. Very much so.

Most of my objections and pet peeves are very much first world complaints and not really worth waxing on about. I mean for example, that you cannot get cold cuts without the skin on at the supermarket. THAT is a first for me.
Even if you ask, they won't remove it. Since I like my Mortadella, ham and salamis sliced ultra thin,  it's impossible to get the skin separated. However, to just having to point THIS out, shows you how well things are, by not having bigger complaints. Good Milk (lack of) is a close second. UHT ruins everything.
We are baffled by the smoking habits of the locals. I am not a militant non smoker, so I really don't care what they do with their health. But yes, the French seem oblivious to the debate on other continents and countries around them.

On the positive there is simply too much to type and I suggest you reread some of the posts since November 1st, 2011.

Here is another series of things A Aimer about living in France:


So, as we head into Year two of our European adventure, stay tuned keep reading and tell your friends about it too. Toussaint holiday is coming up and we have decided to take a trip to Paris. Amazing really, that since we arrived, we did not make it to the capital yet. There will be plenty to tell about that trip.

We also started renovating LE STUDIO, the first of our planned rentals. Ready by March 15th 2013. As mentioned before, it will be a pit stop during your own European adventure. Stay a day, a week, stay a month, heck, stay a year, you are welcome to eat with us.

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