Saturday, June 30, 2012


Written by me, Isabella, the magsnificent (see what I did there?) daughter of Theceliachusband. 

Because everybody is drooling over the food and house on this blog, I decided maybe to throw in the most random thing you'll see on this blog.
H.Peter/Papa tells me I can't write strictly about The Hunger Games. He says I have to relate it somehow, so I might as well get that over and done with before he deletes this blog post, complaining that nobody wants to hear about 'The Hunger Games.' ;) 
Peeta bakes. Peeta is cool. I like Peeta. Peeta is odd though. 'If I'm going to die, I wanna still be me.' Then he nearly dies disguised as a rock. (Going by the movie here, just in case anybody cares to correct me)
I'm just going to attach some pictures now... messily..

I have no words.

I loaf this. I think we all knead more posts like these.

Not now, Spongebob...

Where's the pita?

Josh looks gorgeous.

This isn't Seneca Crane. If it's not, who is it? It's Lysander, the guy that ripped off the style of Seneca Crane's beard. Or his brother or something. It was a waste though because Lysander shaved it off.

Don't you guys think we should do something with all this money and technology? Solve all the worlds problems? End world hunger... save the rain forests? No? Just me? - Random Gamemaker 

Mom, dad, please? Pleeeeease? Pretty please with sugar cubes and lamb stew on top? 

I'd buy it. 

Lucky for me, no Capitol citizens came to pull my name out of a glass bowl this year...

And that's why Isabelle is smiling ;)

Saves people from District 12. Forgets to save Peeta's family.

.... Not creepy haha

The main reason my parents are confused as to why I yelled 'Finnick!' when sugarcubes were mentioned..

And that's all. Au revoir!

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