Wednesday, April 04, 2012


Before renovations started, before we even finalized the agreements to start working, we made sure that our Internet provider will hook up the lines to enable us to use the net and telephone.
When I went to the local office to tell them of our pending move about a month ago, they found that though the house is 150 years old, it never had updated wiring for our needs.

A date for installation was set, with a narrow two hour window and the truck showed up 15 minutes into that window.
Where I have trouble getting our tiny sedan into this alley, the driver whipped his van into position in less than three attempts, hopped onto the carrier to run new wires to the phone jacks inside the house. We now have working Internet, telephone and TV connections. No TV yet....but it would work if we would have one.

All in all from arrival to all green lights on my Zen Box it took the installers 45 minutes. Very friendly, very professional, I have to add another one to our extremely positive experiences since arriving in France.






Fatboytim said...

My installer was great too, but I had to laugh when I found that the WiFi code on my Orange Livebox was 26 characters long! It took hours to make it work on 2 laptops, 2 PC's 3 Iphones and a nintendo Wii!! I mean heaven forfend it be just 25 or the old lady next door might have guessed it by now!

H.Peter said...

That`s some equipment Tim.

I just wanted to be up and running, as our daughter goes to school in Canada via the net.

H.Peter said...

Test. test.

No word verification.

Ken Broadhurst said...

There's an advantage to buying your own ADSL router/modem, and that's the password that you can choose and set yourself. Besides, renting a Livebox or other router/modem starts to cost in monthly fees. I have a great D-Link wireless router/modem that cost about 50 euros, and a password I can remember because I picked it.

H.Peter said...

I am a technically challenged human being. A frustrating lack of skills in that department.
Nor do I have patience, which makes it even harder to figure things out.