Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Over the years my suppliers always asked me what they should bring to market that's sellable to our clients. I always helped them out with ideas of stone fountains and monuments that I saw around during my travels, which led to some very successful trade shows with products no other supplier had to offer.
Lately the cast iron division of one supplier approached me for some good ideas, as their sales fell flat, not just due to the economy, but their designs were played out and copied plenty of times in the competitive market they are in.

They loved my idea of new light fixtures, so during out trip to Barcelona I took some images of lamp posts that I believe should be introduced.
My absolute favorite is that one light standard on La Rambla, that doubles as a drinking fountain. Judging by the amount of people who took images of it, I could be on to something.  The factory loved the idea as well, so soon, coming to a trade show near you, a BARCELONA. That's the working title the manufacturer gave to the new project.


claudine said...

Those European cities really know how to invest in beautifully designed infrastructure elements... the lamp posts are beautiful! I also loved the image of the cleared pepper plate in your last post... it really gave a sense of food that has been appreciated!!

H.Peter said...

Hello Claudine,

yes, Europe has some different approach to architecture in general.

Which makes for quirky discoveries when looking to live somewhere over here.. How to get a king size mattress up to the third floor,when the stair case only permits space for single ones