Sunday, February 19, 2012


Or Batalla de Caramellos in Spanish. Maybe a difficult event to capture in images, especially with a simple camera as mine. So much movement, sounds and action, most of my images turned out a bit fuzzy. So maybe take a a look at this video to see what we saw today.  Located about a 30 minute drive south of Barcelona, this town is well known for it's Carnaval. It is said that even during the harsh years of the Franco regime, this spectacle went on year after year.

The whole town is taken over by compareses,  groups of flag bearers, musicians, dancers and the all important candy throwers. Businesses board up their windows, bars and Cafes hand out refreshments to all the participants and balconies are dressed up and full of spectators. The whole event culmination happens around 1pm, when all the groups descent on a square and the mayor announces La placa es vostra! (the square is yours!)   and the final candy battle erupts. All 8 tons of it.  

Isabella tagged along, she summed it up as interesting, but too loud. A sheltered upbringing dulls the senses I say. To me it was a unique event, imagine New Orleans without the girls showing off their wares for plastic beads......

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