Thursday, October 27, 2011


Well, or buried so far deep down in the bowels of the world wide web, that nobody can find it. These exact threats were uttered over the phone today, by a representative of Alan Davis. Not sure if you all remember this story,

but apparently it has hit a nerve with someone. This representative of Mr. Davis initially emailed GF PATISSERIE with this intro:

"I work for a prominent reputation management company with many resources available to effectively deal with this situation. I will not divulge my companies name or contact info as it would run a risk of further posts being created about this matter with us involved.  But you can reply to this e-mail and request a phone call. "

Victoria did not even reply, and just forwarded that long winded email to The Celiac Husband. Me. Of course I requested a phone call and Mr. Representative turns out to be a search engine optimization specialist/webmaster/ hired gun, not an image consultant. 

In a dime store lawyer's legalese language Mr. Representative asked me to remove above slanderous posts, or else. "Or else what?" I asked.
At which point it got a bit confusing. Not only will my Blog be taken down by, where Mr. Representative is also a representative (he once worked for Google....), but GF PATISSERIE'S reputation will severely be damaged by his actions online and in person. Talking of slanderous. Outch. 

Anyway. Here is what it boils down to. Mr. Davis' webmaster "The Representative" has promised in very clear terms to take down this Blog with all his resources, as it damages his client's business. Uhm, didn't Mr. Davis do this to himself? 

You be the judge.


Reluctant One said...

I think everyone deserves a right to speak and to represent themselves against slander and false claims. I'm sure Mr. Davis' representative is able to provide proof that this story is false, that he never had an interview with GF Patisserie; that he didn’t ever claim to work there or produce products that represented work from GF Patisserie to others on interview.

Under oath, I’m sure he could easily prove that he didn’t have that interview with the company opening in Victoria at all, so he could never have misrepresented himself or made claims on his resume (a legal document) that he worked for GF Patisserie. I’m sure he didn’t accept payment for transportation to the site of the interview in his name that would prove any kind of fraudulence.

Surely at that time he could also clear up the obvious mistake in his educational paperwork. He could have the German government swear to the fact that the school he attended did indeed exist, and that somehow was missed in the registry during fact check. He could provide his CMB from the CIA (the only true accredited facility to bestow this honour after a rigorous three day examination). The girls from the Congo that GF Patisserie so willingly paid for and allowed him to train could make an appearance, and you could present the judge with the payroll information for Mr. Davis and his trainees. He could show the government paperwork for the research grants and clear that up too. In fact, I’m sure with a lawsuit, this could all be cleared up quickly.
I'm also sure that in order to defend his good name, Mr. Davis and his representative are more than eager to pursue the proper legal channels for removing this blog, or the post in question. I'm sure this is the only way Mr. Davis would handle this, because he is a professional and he has absolutely nothing to hide. And because of this, I’m sure Mr. Davis wouldn’t mind at all if a few folks from the baking world came by to witness. Just a few choice professional bakers who have also met Mr. Davis reviewed his credentials,employed him and know the scope of his work. I’m sure he would be more than happy to meet them all again.

All this said, I would leave the post up. I know Mr. Davis and his representative want to deal with this in a credible and non-threatening manner. I’m sure that if they feel anything you’ve said here is not truthful, they will allow a judge to decide whether removing it from your blog is warranted. I doubt the honourable, decent folks who work at Blogger would want a staff member to pull down a blog without proper proof, or by email bullying. Maybe you should talk to them, you know just to make apologies?Send them and email and let them know you are sorry for posting such unproven information on your blog, and that you're willing to comply with the judges order, when it arrives?

Anonymous said...

Wow.Where do people get this stuff? amazing... Sounds like the mafia is trying to take over the internet.