Sunday, August 14, 2011


We happened to be in Cognac during the annual Blues festival and while we wandered the streets to listen to the different groups and singers play, we walked by a wood fired Pizza place, The Burning Branch (Google Translate...). It was jam packed inside and out, but my trained eye for a good Pizza caught the characteristic charred edges on some plates, which in my opinion is a sign of a good Pizza.

After the Festival was over (we missed Moby by a couple of days, but then he is not exactly Blues is he?), I dragged the family back a few days later, in the hopes that Victoria and Isabella would be able to eat anything, while I eat PIZZA!
The did not have GF Pizza, but were able to make Moules Frites in a creamy bacon sauce without gluten for Victoria and Isabella had a Kid's size Steak Frites.

As we walked through the restaurant to their patio, we saw the wood fired cook top, whereas the Pizza oven was inside the kitchen.
Excellent choice. In the unlikely event that any of you go to Cognac soon, this place is worth it.
The mussles that Victoria had were excellent, Isabella's steak was good.  The desserts were classic french, GF Mousse au Chocolat and GF Creme Brulee. Lauren and I shared a Tarte aux Pommes, topped with Creme Anglaise, which was heated in the wood fired grill and was the best dessert of all.  But not GF.

The bill, including two aperos, came to 67.00 Euros, around 94.00 bucks, not a bad deal for what we had.

When I did the Google translate, I came across this video, which shows this Restaurant up in flames in 2010. Glad they reopened it.

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