Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Over 120 000 weddings are being held annually in Las Vegas. Or, over 300 each day.... Theoretically, if you consider 1 in 133 is afflicted with Celiacs, that makes a pretty large number of gluten free wedding cakes per year sold in Vegas.
Guess what. Hard to get one. Very hard.

A while ago I checked out one of the oldest, most established bakeries in Vegas, they simply were not interested in gluten free cakes at all. Not even cupcakes. No reason given, just NO.

Enter Beau Monde Bakery. 100% Gluten free, 100% taste. 

They have hired a couple of very talented bakers and are offering gluten free wedding cakes, birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, any gluten free cake really. Zero cross contamination.

Call them, talk to them about your special day, the color you want, the decor you want, the flavors you want. Butter Cream, Fondant, decorations. They will be able to make it for you, gluten free.
Below are some of Lauren's creations at GFP, the rest are from Trisha, one of the bakers at Beau Monde Bakery. (702) 331-1515


Charisma Combestra said...

Awesome cake.Love the purple flowers..

las vegas weddings

antoine wills said...

Wow!! The wedding cake looks very beautiful and I think it is decorated by some creative mind. I heard artistic cakes are very famous in Las Vegas restaurants. I really wish to book a beautiful cake in my wedding.