Thursday, June 23, 2011



This Saturday, June 25th, is Victoria's last day at GF PATISSERIE in Cochrane. Starting next week, the team of Milk Tiger Lounge will take over and bake. With limited hours.
For any questions, please call Rich Adams, (403) 612-5687

Please look at the enclosed note from Rich and if you can please, repost, twitter or email forward to all your Celiac friends.

Victoria is expressing her sincerest Thank You and is going to send you all an email before she is headed on vacation.

This Blog will continue, less tooting the  (GFP) horn, more telling you things that may relate (or not) to what interests you.


cycliac said...

Sorry to see you go but happy that you are getting a a much needed rest Victoria, happy GF trails to you!

Jessmeca said...

It wont be the same without you all there,but Im so glad that you get a holiday and the business is such a success :-)

Could you please leave my email address with the new owners so that I can be updated when they are opening? Im going to be in Canada from the 13th to the 25th of August...


wheat free mom said...

It has been my great pleasure to get to enjoy your wonderful gluten free baked goods! thank you thank you for bringing this to us Celiac's in Calgary!I will miss chatting with you in the bakery. I will be posting burger varieties all summer on my blog and will continue upselling your gluten free hamburger buns. My whole family loves them.
thanks again

gfe--gluten free easily said...

Wow, the big moment has come and gone. Congrats to Victoria, Lauren, and all of you on your success with GF Patisserie! How wonderful that the fantastic recipes of hers will carry on with Big Star Bakehouse in Calgary. :-)