Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Pork Belly, a popular cut of meat from the Swine. After all, we love bacon.
Loads of recipes out there, Asian style braised in a soy based liquid, Japanese style, smoked, etc.

I just wanted mine simple, roasted with garlic, Caraway seeds and salt. T&T has a nice quality of pork meat, I chose a less fatty one, since my family does not like the fat part. Though most of it melts away during cooking and keeps the meat moist. So if you buy some belly, go with the fat.

Just slice the skin, rub with salt, spike with garlic, sprinkle some Caraway seeds on top and let it cook away at 350 until the skin is crispy. Don't baste the top, otherwise it won't get there.

Usually I would use onions instead of carrots as an underlay, but those are another no no in our house since Victoria can't eat them anymore.

Buy it, try it, love it.

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