Friday, May 13, 2011


For the last three years Isabella would have lunch with me once a week at Primal Grounds. Plenty of gluten free choices and the soups always were a favorite of Isabella. 

Home made, always organic and always gluten free. As of last month, the owner sold the old location and moved her operation to the Kingsland Farmers' Market. You know, the market on Macleod Trail with plenty of parking.....

Still organic, made in small batches and most importantly, still 100% gluten free. It helps that the owner has Celiacs and knows what you are going through when dining out.  Soups are a great place to hide gluten.....
It's good to hear that some business owners go the extra mile to install a 100% gluten free kitchen.

Some great gluten free sandwiches are available as well,  made with bread from a local gluten free bakery in Cochrane.

But the story here are the soups. You can have a bowl right there and then, as well as take these soups home, heat & eat.
I bought a Red Thai Curry Vegetable Soup, for Isabella. With a nice kick from the Curry, full of those organic Vegetables, rich flavored, it is a really good soup.

Over the years I think we tried all of them, my favorite being the Lebanese Cauliflower. You go and try to make Cauliflower Soup exciting....yes, it's a boring vegetable, but with Primal's spices, a home run. Isabella likes Thai flavors and Primal Soup Company has two versions, above and a more Coconut flavored soup, both are outstanding.

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k.petryk said...

Not only is Margaret a wonderful person (to talk to and work with) she makes excellent soups and never stops being loyal to her customers. Having had the opportunity to work alongside Margaret, I can say that she puts her whole heart and passion into her soups (And the flavour is excellent evidence!).