Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Some words for our friends at the Bloc Québécois.
Reinvent yourself as PDP, Parti de Poutine. It's traditional Québécois as well, quirky like you, but people across the country actually love it. With that kind of loyalist mass appeal you can't go wrong....That name will rub off,  and you are back in the game faster than you can say Separation.

Anyway. What was I saying? Gluten free Poutine. Yes.
 Edmonton Bloggers have been chatting about a Poutine place up there for a while,
and this morning some of you on Facebook pointed me towards The Big Cheese here in Calgary for that quintessential Canadian dish.
And indeed, they do serve a gluten free version. Not a Poutine expert, I wanted to check their basic, plain Poutine, both GF and regular. No toppings. 
Yes, in the name of research, I had two orders for lunch.

One of the owners, Lindsey (I think she is an owner) is a Celiac, so you are in the best of hands if you go there. They know what they are doing.
Their Gluten free gravy is vegetable based, and compared to the regular one, you can taste a small difference. However, both the fries and those famous Quebec cheese curds are excellent and make for a great gluten free meal.  I want to know how they manage to darken the fries without making them taste like charcoal in my house.
When I ordered the regular version, I was offered a spicy Jamaican sauce, which made the Poutine even better. They will sell this sauce in the near future, in the meantime, just ask for it.

Located right next to Melrose Cafe on 17th Ave, they have a big variety of Poutines, Notorious P.I.G apparently one of their best sellers. Feedback on Facebook says so.

Ceck it out:


Catie said...

Thank you so much for sharing this - I was just in Montreal and was not courageous/confident enough to find a place that sold a GF poutine on my strict time budget - I'll be sure to try this place out.

caroline said...

I emailed La Poutine the new restaurant in Edmonton about if they have gf poutine and their answer was: ''At the moment we do not offer anything gluten-free. We are testing gravy recipes at the moment and we should have something in the near future.
La Poutine''

robyn said...

you can get gluten free poutine in vancouver! the wallflower modern diner has a gluten free menu with amazing - and safe - poutine. it's great!

gluten free vancouver