Thursday, May 05, 2011


Compared to Vancouver, Calgary definitely lacks a strong presence of good, artisan Gelato. We got Fiasco at Famoso, Amato in Kensington and some on 17th Ave.  Then there are your ice cream parlors, but nothing really cutting edge in that industry. Though busy all summer, I think some of them sell their name over quality.

Whereas coffee shops really took off here, Gelaterias did not. Maybe it's the weather, but I can't be the only who eats Gelato in the winter?

Through Facebook I heard about a place in Okotoks that sounded interesting. Figaro's Gelato. Okotoks....Artisan Gelato. You know, it's sort of similar to driving all the way to Cochrane for a good loaf of gluten free bread...worth the trip.

Isabella of course was excited, she even brought her own, gluten free cone that her mother sells. The good news is that they had no issue with bringing your own GF Cone. Really excellent news if you think about it, there are ice cream parlors that either say no, or charge you extra.....the gall.

Anyway, Figaro's Gelato is located on Railway Street, sort of a bit beyond Main Street. Nice little  Espresso Bar, they also sell Affogato, and Ialian espresso based ice cream drink, as well as Nougat they make in house. Ihave too many fillings and Nougat tends to pull them out, so I passed on it.
The Gelato selection on our visit was excellent, I have no idea why Isabella settles for Chocolate all the time, when they have so many not every day flavors. Kids....

My favorite is Hazelnut and theirs is very good. The Pistachio is great, not too strong, very subtle. plenty of other flavors, check it on their website.

Now, from what I understand they are about to open a Kiosk at Eau Claire here in Calgary, which makes great Gelato much easier to access for us....since you all are driving to Cochrane all the time already.... (if GF PATISSERIE would just get on with it and find a great location close to 17th Ave....)



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