Monday, April 04, 2011

APRIL 15TH, 1912

The date the Titanic sank. 

TELUS World of Science Center in Calgary has the exhibition going on right now until June and Victoria, Isabella and myself wanted to see it. For different reasons though.
Isabella thought it would be cool and stuff....what can I say? For myself, having spent 10 years at sea on various cruise ships and yachts, it was more of a historic desire to see artifacts that are 100 years old and survived the elements.
The worst thing that happened to me was an engine fire in 1990 on board Crystal Harmony. Yes I was scared, we drifted at sea with no engine or power not too far off the Columbia coast for a couple of days before we made it into Curacao.
But it was nothing compared to what must have been going on that fateful night. Unimaginable.

As you enter the exhibit, you receive a boarding pass with which at the end of the tour you can check if that passenger on your pass got off the boat or perished at sea.
Isabella and Victoria were almost a given to survive, my passenger, A Sir Cosmo Edmund Duff Gordon, however was probably not ending up in a life boat.

The exhibition itself is fascinating with artifacts and documents on display. Ceramic serving dishes in mint condition, personal luggage and furniture from the ship. It's a very good display for anyone to see.

Upon ending the tour and checking our names for survivors I was surprised to see that my guy made it off the ship with his wife. The tour guide on duty got all excited telling us about Sir Cosmo and  the stories told how he made it into a life boat......fascinating. You can look it up on Wikipedia here:


Lauren Jane Marie said...

wow! i wonder if it's coming to toronto or if it's already passed through here...

gfe--gluten free easily said...

I am fascinated by the Titanic story. Heard Robert Ballard speak right after his team found it. And one of best non-fiction books I ever read was about the Titanic (A Night to Remember). What a brilliant idea to hand out boarding passes and get folks "invested" in the tour! Thanks for sharing this. Glad you go to attend.