Wednesday, February 09, 2011


A while ago, one of the Blogs I regularily read asked a question about what the next food trends will be in Edmonton/Alberta. All kinds of pros gave all kinds of answers, some spot on, some not so. Read about it here:

My personal opinion is that in North America as a whole, the next big thing will be Artisan/Premium  ice cream. It already started in the big cities on both coasts and it will eventually make it's way to Calgary as well.
Cue in Peppino. Maybe best known (to me) for their great sandwiches in Kensington (not so gluten free), this company also does a nice wholesale business supplying some grocery stores with all sorts of Italian foods.
Read about it on this Blog:

Bruno already mentioned a while back that COOP carries Peppino's Gelato and today I actually found it. Hazelnut to boot. If you walked your store's freezer isles you very well know that we get a total of 4 flavors usually. Ben & Jerry excluded....
How is the Gelato? First off it's made with milk, not cream, which then results in lesser calories. But also in less creaminess. Personally I prefer it more the European way with cream. At $8.00 for 450gr it comes in at premium ice cream pricing.
Isabella liked it, it's made with ingredients we can pronounce, so yes it is a good gelato.

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A Canadian Foodie said...

Ooooh - I want it all! You are totally right on this one, H. Peter!!! I hope, anyway. I have long wondered how long it will take and why we don't have the same quality here!
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