Sunday, December 26, 2010


Boxing day. Time honored tradition of after Christmas shopping. Major bargain hunting and all the crowds that come with that.
But you know, there are stores that are virtually empty....COSTCO comes to mind. On Boxing day, this place looks deserted to any other regular business day.
T&T, our Asian supermarket would be another example of a store less frequented on Boxing day.

That's where we went today, if for nothing else than to cruise the aisles to find cool, gluten free ingredients and foods.
Victoria discovered these Vietnamese Chicken Rolls, made right here in Alberta. Gluten Free, No MSG, no food coloring, no sugar, 1,5kg for 12.00. BARGAIN. There are about 45 rolls in that bag.

When you open the bag the first thing you see is flour coating, but it's rice flour. You can prepare these snacks two ways, pan fried until golden brown, or just like me, deep fry the heck out of them straight from the freezer.
.After all, it's still Christmas season and all deep fried food tastes better anyway....Nutrionists can talk to me in January again.

Serve the Spring Rolls with a couple of sauces, for example a spicy Chili sauce and a Plum Sauce. I made a dozen of them, which is about 4 restaurant appetizers. They were gone in a minute or less. Hot, fat and tasty!

Happy Boxing Day!


gfe--gluten free easily said...

Wow, what a great find! Our family would love those! :-) I'll be on the lookout for them. ;-)

Merry Christmas to all at GF Patisserie!


karenk said...

OMG Peter I was so excited when you posted them on facebook. My BF was so sweet and went and found them without telling me until he got home. We will enjoy these tonight for an appetizer.

Monica said...

Great news! I called the number, and the lovely folks there will sell directly to us, even though they are wholesalers.

Yes, the address is a house, but the commercial kitchen is around the back.

I just picked up 600 on Friday for myself and co-workers - with a little bonus sample of GF Won-ton's to try!!

Well, my SO and I sampled them on the weekend… they are just as good as I remembered (some Vietnamese restaurants make them in-house with rice wrappers - if you can find them).

We pan fried them, they could have been sizzled a little longer, but my SO couldn't stop RAVING about them, (he's a normal - but he'll try just about anything).

I recommend calling Emperor Foods at 780-905-8268 and place your order - they kindly offered any quantity, no minimum, but I wouldn't bother ordering any less than 50 of each of the Chicken and Pork. Can't wait to eat the next batch.

Monica I.

Monica said...

Has anyone had a negative reaction to the CHICKEN spring rolls? One of my co-workers had a terrible reaction and thinks that they might not be as gluten-free as advertised.

I myself have not had an issue yet, BUT it would be helpful to know if there is any other problems out there.