Saturday, September 25, 2010


Short Pants Plaza. Just off Memorial and 28th Street SE. It's a strip mall that has some interesting eateries as tenants. Not much gluten free, interesting nevertheless. Middle Eastern, Filipino, Indian and African food can be found there.
A while ago Chris from Edmonton posted about his experience with the rather unknown cuisine from the Philippines.

It was on my list to try Filipino food since. Finally made it yesterday. Lolit's is a take out place only, however there are some tables outside which are a great spot to enjoy any of your take out food in this strip mall (Calgary weather permiting) . If less adventurous, there's a Subway. For SURE not GF....

From my days on the cruise ships where plenty of crew members hail from the Philippines, I do vaguely remember eating with them in their crew kitchen once in a while, always tasty, always exotic.
This has not changed. I did not recognize one item on their Menu and had to rely on the owner's advise, which was very good.
To be honest, I have no idea what she gave me. Pork for sure. Tasty chunks in a nice sauce. Vegetables in Shrimp sauce and rice. All gluten free.
She even showed me the package of spices they use to prepare these dishes. Rice flour was the starch, not corn, not wheat. Pretty cool.

For dessert I had sticky rice in a Banana Leaf with Coconut Caramel sauce. VERY sticky and messy to eat, but excellent and also gluten free. It's definitely worth stopping by and trying some of their dishes if you are in the area.


Deborah said...

Actually Subway will do any 6" sub as a salad - maybe not the same overall but good if your significant other likes subs from there.

Simply...Gluten-free said...

I used to live in the Philippines, thanks for this culinary reminder :)

H.Peter said...

Hi Carol,

that is an exciting place to live.
The food I am sure is even more interesting there.

H.Peter said...

Good morning Deborah,

I eat at Subway once ina while when in a funk for convenience.