Thursday, August 05, 2010



Remember how I kept saying in here to stick with smaller, owner operated places to eat if you are worried about gluten free food? Where staff cares about your needs?

 Dairy Lane Cafe in Kensington for sure belongs into this category.

The owner, Shayne , cares about his business. And by extention, you, his patrons. On the back wall, prominently displayed is a list of his local suppliers he gets most of his goods from. Not just lip service (think Farmers' Market vendor selling garlic from China...), he actually supports local businesses.

Shayne gets his Hamburger buns BIG STAR BAKEHOUSE.  . Plenty of them. They will use them of course for Burgers and as well, some sandwiches.

I could go on and on, but honestly go find out yourself how good food is supposed to taste like.
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Jennifer said...

Dairy Lane is one of my most favorite breakfast places! They are so accomodating in regards to celiac disease and I have never had an issue there at all. I am SO excited that they are going to be serving GF hamburgers and sandwiches!

Catie said...

Another restaurant to go on my list of places to try - thank you! I really appreciate you bringing these eateries to my attention, it makes gluten free dining out a pleasant experience.

gfe--gluten free easily said...

That is such good advice! The places with the gluten-free menus can give a false sense of security and often they just open packages and heat up stuff. Little places who know what they are serving and genuinely want to take care of you are the very best. This one looks like a great spot, especially with GF Patisserie hamburger buns--woohoo!