Sunday, July 04, 2010


Muesli is similar to BBQ Sauce. Endless recipes, thousand of variations. Everyone seems to have their own way of making it.
Some like it dry, some like it wet, some like chunks of nuts, others grind them, some use yoghurt, some use non fat milk, etc. You get the idea.

In Europe, Muesli can be found everywhere, from hotel buffets to stores, in almost every home for breakfast, even by mail order:

Above company is amazing. The concept is great because you can personalize your order to every detail. Couple that with excellent marketing and you have a brilliant business concept.

Anyway, my own recipe for a good Muesli is that I can put things in it that I like and leave other ingredients out that I do not enjoy so much.
For example, I like ground hazelnuts in mine, not pieces of walnuts. This way the whole mixture has a nutty flavor, not just when you actually find a piece...I enjoy my apples shredded, not chunks. I prefer dried Cranberries for a small sour kick over sweet raisins.

I do not like Oranges or Bananas in my Muesli. But I love Berries in my mix, so that is one of the main additions. Some prefer brown sugar to sweeten the cereal, I prefer Pine Honey from Turkey.

So. If you have no reaction to de glutened oats ( we use Total Oats), go ahead and make this healthy cereal with your own mixtures. And tell us about it....

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ellorneo said...

I too love muesli. I have a fond memory of it from this past February when I took Nicole to Storm Mountain Lodge and we had it for breakfast! So very very good!