Sunday, June 27, 2010


This weekend I had a chance to visit a downtown Farmers' market in Edmonton that I read about on plenty of Blogs like these:

As youc an see, it's a popular market up there in our capital. Not the biggest fan of Farmers' market, I find myself drawn to them nevertheless to find smaller, individual vendors who offer something different. This market had a great selection of that, including a vendor who sold Wiener Apfelstrudel. If he would cut his apples into smaller peices, shred them maybe, this would be world class. It's good for outside of Austria already, but the apples were not cooked enough. The dough and flavor were excellent. CUT THE APPLES SMALLER...please somebody tell him.

Another such individual vendor, Brydgette, runs a small tent at this Market. Bamboche World Cuisine. Her displayed Motto: Eat Global, shop Local.
There were a few samples of the tapenades and spreads she had for sale, but what caught my eye was the Arugula pesto. made with less Basil and Walnuts. Should make for great Pasta.

I added some chicken breast and the adults liked it, however my favorite taste tester, Isabella, did not enjoy it as much. Too weird, too strong for her. But she did eat her Cherry Tomato salad.


A Canadian Foodie said...

Now that looks like a yummy meal. The pesto does look really good. And it was a beautiful day at the market. Didn't know you had little company. That makes the day even better! I would have never missed her, had I known you were there!

H.Peter said...

Hi Valerie,

there wil be a next time this summer for sure.

Ben's Deli is all sold out of the treats.

Chris said...

Looks delish sir!

Anonymous said...

Glad you checked out the market! :)

gfe--gluten free easily said...

Nothing like an honest critic. LOL I think it looks great, but I can imagine a stronger taste.

Hey, why didn't you tell the strudel maker? You don't mince words. ;-) I hope you or someone tells him. Seems like a simple change that would greatly improve his business.