Thursday, May 27, 2010


Feeding a kid gluten free that's tasty can be a challenge. But then, all you need to give them is what you would like. Just make it gluten free.

Isabella's favorite breakfast is Cinnamon on toast. Easy with GF PATISSERIE'S gluten free sandwich bread. Toast lightly, schmear with some butter, pile on a spoon of brown sugar and dust with Cinnamon. Serve with hot chocolate and you are off to a good start.

Isabella likes sandwiches for lunch. Today she is getting one with spicy Soppressata and Provolone.
Along with a  fruit cup that she likes, Pineapple Strawberries and Water Melon.
As a treat, Victoria brought home a cupcake for Isabella to take to school. That's NOT a daily occurance.
I was going to bag Rice Work's Chili Chips, but Isabella got up in the meantime and requested Cheetos. Oh well. Some crap allowed.

All that inside of 10 minutes, not too hard a job if you want your kid to be happy at school.


Catie said...

What kind of cheetos are gluten free - and as a side note, those cheetos look like the ones I used to eat as a kid that I haven't been able to find in awhile - I would love to know where you got them - thanks in advance. Strange what foods I crave now that I think I can't have them :)

Lauren Jane Marie said...

check out the frito-lays website! they specify which snacks are gluten free

H.Peter said...

Hey Catie,

indeed these are GF from Frito Lay.
they use corn based Maltodextrin.

Chris said...

What a fantastic looking sandwich.

Catie said...

Excellent - thanks