Friday, May 28, 2010


Though Victoria is not a  fan of fast food to begin with, I always ask when I go to Burger Joints if one could bring their own bun due to wheat sensitivities. 8 out of 10 times I get this look from staff, something similar to "WTF?"
When I am in the mood, I confuse them even further, just to see how well trained they are in general. Funny, actually. Including many of the managers.
This would make a great Blog. "What the Manager said..." They stumble bad. using corporation speak which makes no sense. In the end, they are all afraid. Of Issues. And I understand that. But still, it's funny.

South Street Burger, brought to us by the same company that makes those very tasty NY Fries in the mall, is located at the Cross Iron Mall in NE Calgary. That huge Mall that is only busy on Sundays it seems. Ghost town yesterday (Thursday).

Finally stopped in, looked at their really nice condiment bar with all those different toppings you can choose from. All fresh, all good, all nice. Hormone free 1/3lb Burger with fries.

The Burgers are grilled fresh to order, which is always nice. While I waited, of course I had to ask about those pesky Celiacs and if they could bring their own Buns.
SURPRISE! The dude knew what I was talking about. He immediately said that people can bring, and in fact already do bring their own Buns, they will fix up the Burger on a separate tray, etc.
Impressed. Very impressed.

I wonder if any of you ever ask that question, or if any of you Celiacs already take your own Buns to Wendy's or Burger King?
 I know Dave, from Ben's Meats in Edmonton, takes a GF PATISSERIE Hamburger Bun to a wendy's near him.
Victoria also told me that one of her regular patrons toasts her GF PATISSERIE Bun at home, takes it with her and this way gets a 100% gluten free Burger! BRILLIANT.

Here is a place that I can recommend. South Street Burger.






Chris said...

Interesting. I've never tried, but now I almost want to see if I can order a burger sans bun. I mean, it makes sense that it is possible right...everyone should have an In N' Out version of the "protein-style" burger with a lettuce wrap.

Karla said...

Wow, that's great, thanks for posting this! I must admit I don't even try to ask those places, I just get so frustrated. I'm glad there are people out there who like the challenge!

I have some GF Patisserie buns, maybe I'll go try a burger tonight! (Not sure I have the patience for a weekend)

H.Peter said...

Smart move karla. That mall is a Zoo on the weekends.

H.Peter said...

Hey Chris,

if you get a smart manager, they wille ven toast the bun for you, protected by wax paper.

Christy said...

Peter, thanks for the heads up :) By any chance did you ask, or notice if the fries are in the same oil as the onion rings??? I love NY fries.

H.Peter said...

Very good question Christy. It shows I am not a Celiac, just a supporter.

No I did not check or look.

Monica said...

Red Robin in Edmonton serves any of their burgers in a lettuce wrap. And if you say celiac, the manager comes to the table to talk to you. All the burgers are good. Sometimes a little zealous with the sauce, so I order it on the side. Check out the Canadian website. Menu there too.

Monica said...

I didn't know NYF had onion rings. Hmm.

Brenda fr/ Ben's Meats said...

My husband alway's orders a burger w/o the bun from fast food chains. The Wendy's & McDonalds in St. Albert has always done it for him. He has even done it away from home as far away as Maui, HI!

H.Peter said...

Hey Brenda,

Yes, Victoria told me a bout Dave's habit. Question is, does he bring one of his own GF buns along?

H.Peter said...

Good morning Monica,
not sure if the rings are available at NYF, or just at their Burger place.

Brenda fr/ Ben's Meats said...

Hi Peter,

Yes, he always brings one of his GFP Buns with him...he even brings them into Tim Hortons & orders a breakfast sandwich!!

H.Peter said...

He is a smart man, that husband of yours!