Saturday, May 01, 2010


1 in 133 people have Celiacs disease. 1% or so. Maybe two percent. That's not so many eyeballs when it comes to the advertising industry. Most main stream media companies (TV, print) will give you maybe a token segment once a year, but only if you keep pushing them on a guilt trip because it's Celiac awareness month. It's just not in their interest to pursue that small a market. Compared to other illnesses you get very little face time on TV or radio...

Anyway. What I am trying to get at, is how to figure out a cost effective way to reach a group of (very) dedicated customers by using a form of main stream advertising. I have mentioned this before, Celiacs are the most supported minority out there when it comes to being told where to find good and safe gluten free goods.
So many times Victoria has told me about a client who is buying a cake or bread for their neighbor/dinner guest/friend who is on a gluten free diet. Or tell them about GF PATISSERIE.
I have yet to hear somebody tell anyone who is allergic to peanuts about that great Almond Butter they carry at COSTCO.  Celiacs are loved and supported by so many, it's unreal.

So after 18 month in (successfull) operation, I was able to convince my wife to take out an ad in a main stream paper. City Palate is my favorite magazine in Calgary, sort of obvious since I love food.  Wrote about it in 2008 already ( and a while back GF PATISSERIE got a little write up in that magazine.

Victoria is a very smart business woman and she did agree  though it is very hard to reach Celiacs through conventional advertising, something had to be done.  Word of mouth and the Calgary Celiac Chapter's magazine only go that far.
City Palate was a natural choice and the people who made the ad happen (Janet and Sue) did a great job helping us. Thank you!
 Advertising is all about repetition, so let's see how this ad will be received.

How about you? What is your favorite advertising medium, what speaks to YOU? What turns you off? How did you hear about your favorite place to dine, or shop? Gluten free or not.

Any advise from peers about their advertising experiences is most welcome.




Chris said...

Good choice with the City Palate. I'm always skimming the ads in our version here (the Tomato), and can't wait for it to come out. said...

Hello Husband!

The very best place to advertise to this deep niche is to go where the gluten free congregate -

The Scene™ is the only comprehensive listing of celiac-endorsed restaurants in Canada. At over one million page views per month, the larger gluten-free market looks to The Scene™ for the trusted recommendations of celiacs who must abide by a zero tolerance for gluten. Maps to GF restaurants in cities across the country are FREE for anyone searching for this kind of information.

Similar sites exist but what sets The Scene™ apart is that only restaurants that are currently trusted by local Chapters of the CCA appear. Restaurants can not buy their way onto the site nor send in self-manufactured testimonials, as solicited by other restaurant websites. IF we receive information that a restaurant is not meeting celiac requirements, they are removed from the site.

If GF Patisserie would like to expose its fabulous bakery to gluten-free Calgarians, Albertans, Canadians or to the people from 58 countries around the world visiting us for the up-to-date, trusted information they need, posting an ad on this website connects you to the largest pre-selected number of gluten-free consumers, every day, all day at a fraction of the cost of one print ad.

Celiac owned & operated. Focused. Effective. Connected.

Check us out at

ellorneo said...

Hey Peter, long time no see.

I'm back into blogging again, so you will probably see more of me.

I agree that Celiac disease is very well regarded, even though it only affect a small percentage of people. The trend now for many people is to adopt gluten free lifestyles, celiac or not. Such diets as paleo or south beach pretty much eliminate grains, but any such diets leave people in want. Along comes delicious GF food and bam, a guilt free escape! So perhaps celiacs and non-celiacs are demanding more GF food.

As much as I hate to say it, a Facebook page would go a long way. It's free, and millions of people know about it. Dunno, but just putting it out there.

Blogging works. Looking up GF foods in Calgary and Cochrane will yield your blog, so keep it up!

Lorne (who will one day come and collect his promised panini)

H.Peter said...

Ellen, email a quote to:

H.Peter said...

hey Chris,

yeah, I always pick up City Palate to see who is where and what is there.

Edmonton next saturday.

H.Peter said...


I am glad that Black Hole in the Universe spit you back out again. You simply vanished.

Congratulations on the next generation of you!

Check us out on Facebook: gfpatisserie

Anonymous said...

My friends who need gluten-free all do it via word of mouth.

I would be happy to give you some professional PR advice regarding advertising and free PR but it will probably be easier to tell you in person when you come up on Saturday! :)