Thursday, March 11, 2010


Ha. What a coincidence. I was  around the West Side of Calgary yesterday, when I got a call from my Chef friend Bruno. Do I want to come by for a quick bite before they are off to play soccer he asked. Is the Pope catholic? bruno calls, you go. No matter where in the city you are.

When I got there, he was just slicing paper thin  pieces of what looked like tenderloin to me, for a Carpaccio. Bruno was in a hurry, soccer practice for his sons was just in a bit over an hour, but no worries, we can eat he says. Lemon juice, salt & pepper, good live oil, shaved Parmesan, some arugula and dinner was ready.

His two younger kids wanted steak instead, so he cut a few slices, pan seared them quickly and dinner, excellent dinner was ready in less than 20 minutes. Some tomato salad and cheese to finish off.

The meat, both, Carpaccio and steak, were excellent flavoured. Tender. And hormon free too he said.
Horse meat from Alberta.

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Chris said...

Amazing. What a fantastic treat. Now if only I had a Bruno in the city.