Thursday, February 11, 2010


Victoria is really busy at the bakery. My gig is picking up steam as well, something has to give. More often than I care for, it's dinner. We really enjoy our home cooking, simple or complex, but it has suffered since Victoria went back to the bakery.

My last appointment of the day was in the north east today and I took the spare time I had to go shopping at the Italian Store. Always a treat, always a feast.

They had Rice- and Corn Gnocchi that are gluten free! Dinner, almost home cooked. A couple of Tomato Sauces, mild and no onions for Victoria, spicy for the rest us. Fresh Basil, to give the sauce a nice finishing touch, it was a "home made" meal in less that 12 minutes.

Now, they do not compare to Gnocchi you make yourself, Victoria's were five times better, ( but they were good for those of us who are too busy to cook .


Jillian R. Logee said...
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H.Peter said...

Hi Jillian,

the Italian Store is right off McKnight. Visible from Deerfoot:

5140 Skyline Way Northeast
Calgary, AB T2E 6V1
(403) 275-3300

gfe--gluten free easily said...

Looks like a great product for my support group to try. Wonder if there are any makers in the U.S.


H.Peter said...

Hi Shirley,

if youc all your local Italian store, they may have info onthat.

But also, let me tell you, they ARE GFE to make yourself!!!!

gfe--gluten free easily said...

LOL Local Italian store? Oh, you are so spoiled. I have your bare bones grocery store and that's it. Even an hour away, there's no Italian store. Anyway, I'd be willing to make them for us, but not my whole group! And, most of them wouldn't be willing to make them either. Hence, the need for pre-made gnocchi.