Monday, February 15, 2010


Many Calgary readers I am sure are familiar with Blush Lane's giant booth at the Calgary Farmers' Market. This organic focused company now also has a fixed store in Calgary, over on the West Side in Aspen Woods.

We went there the other day, after Sandra kept telling me that she has switched to buying her beggies and other main ingredients tehre instead of other grocery stores around town. Personally I am not so much a health focused foodie, but maybe I should look after my family's food intake a little more.

Fairly large for a single store operation, the first thing that impressed me was their cheese selection when you enter the place to the right. So many artisanal cheeses. A lot of Canadian ones too. Wow.
Throughout the well lit (compared to the darkish look of Community Health) store we found some real gems of local and international producers that are fairly unique.

Spoon Fed, a Calgary based company that makes tiny batches of good soups, is represented here. They only deliver in the inner city core, so if you are a suburban like most of us, this is the only place I have seen their jars of soup.

Plenty of gluten free choices as well, from Judy G Pizza, all the way to some lesser known brands from Australia.
I think I should aproach them about Victoria's breads and baked goods. What do you think?

If you are headed west of the city, go check this place out:



Vincci said...

I think it would be awesome if Blush Lane carried some of Victoria's products! That store's been open for a while now (probably the first store that opened in Aspen Landing over a year ago) - thanks for reminding me that I should head over there more often.

michaelamary said...

I shop here every now and again since it has opened, since its about a 5 minute drive from my place. I mentioned the GF Patassire to them quite some time ago. I think there staff could be a bit more in the know when it comes to Gluten Free produts though.

H.Peter said...

Hello Vincci,

we took the images a while ago, as I always take pics.

But not until Bruno's wife kept hammering me about Blush Lane, did I think of writing about them.

H.Peter said...

Good evenin Michaelamary,

I really think they would be a great outlet for Victoria. So next week i wil make a serious attempt to speak with them.

gfe--gluten free easily said...

Wow, very appealing photos. I'd have to try the macadamia shortbread, the Bone Suckin sauce (keep hearing about that), the Spoon Fed soup, and the pizza. You should definitely hook them up with GF Patisserie.


H.Peter said...

Hey Shirley,

I have discussed it with Victoria and she says if they want some of her goods, tehy know where to find GFP......too many rejections?