Sunday, January 10, 2010


So. Now Calgary has even more Macarons to choose from. After Yann opened his Haute Patisserie at Christmas , ArTaste Macarons opened their booth at the Calgary Farmers' market this weekend.

I used our empty freezer as an excuse to have a good reason to go with Victoria and buy some Macarons while we are there. Great selection, including one with that salty Caramel flavor everyone talks about these days. We bought a dozen for 20.00 which makes them around 1.66 each. Yann's are 1.80, no difference, really.

To have some fun with Isabella, I decided to schlepp Victoria to Yann's bakery as well (her first time) and have Isabella compare Calgary's newest Macarons.
HA! How to motivate a kid. Sugar! Before lunch. Easy. Pick any you want, take a bite, some milk, another bite from the next one and tell me what you think. Isabella's idea of heaven maybe?

Please forgive us that we cannot remember all the flavors, I won't make any mistakes by naming them here, but there is a distinct difference between those two makers. Both of them turn out a fantastic product that is gluten free and Calgary is that much richer for it's sweet scene.

The main difference is that ArTaste's Macarons have a more crunchy shell, whereas Yann's are consistent through the bite.
The fillings, Ganache or fruit flavors, are excellent from both vendors. Yann had a new flavor today, a hazelnut based ganache, which was really really good.
On the other hand, salty caramel from ArTaste was a home run. My first time to have anything with this flavor.

Calgary, a lucky city.

New vendor at the Farmers' Market
Yann Haute Patisserie

ArTaste Macarons

See the difference?
Same here


karenk said...

I have never had a Macaron before and all this talk is making me very curious. Will have to check it out.
Love the pictures, Isabella looks very happy to be the official taste tester.

Janet said...

I tried the new ArTaste Macaron yesterday at the Calgary Farmer's Market and although I haven't tried the other one and can't compare, I know that the one I devoured yesterday was a little taste of Parisian heaven! It was just like those from France (although much less expensive!) Yes, lucky Calgary!

Christy said...


H.Peter said...

Hi Karen,

Isabella is a willing guinea pig when it comes to sugar treats....

H.Peter said...

Hi Janet,

Paris heaven is right!

H.Peter said...

Yes Christy, they are gluten free

Victoria said...
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Victoria said...

Where is the chew? Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside...need the chew.

Vincci said...

Looks delicious! Will have to go check them out some time.

H.Peter said...

Hello Vincci,

they are delicious, they are!

Impressions Of My Life At The Moment said...


Simply...Gluten-free said...

The Calgary Chamber of Commerce should pay you! I am going to have to come visit and we will eat, eat, eat.

gfe--gluten free easily said...

Yes, I'd have to have some of the caramel and some of the hazelnut ganache variety as well. That way you can support two worthy vendors (just like you did), right? :-)