Friday, January 22, 2010


This may just be the strangest thing that ever happened to Victoria and GF PATISSERIE.

Late last year she received an email from an acomplished master baker who was applying for a postion at GF Patisserie. Now you all know the size of Victoria's market and her business in it, right?

Ever the polite woman, she did get in touch with this man, Alan Davis, who claims to have certificates from Europe, is a Master Baker and has special experiences in gluten free baking, if for nothing else to just tell him "thanks" for the email, but there is no position available for such an accomplished baker at GF PATISSERIE.

And here where it gets weird, really really weird. Read the emails:

From a bakery in Vancouver to Victoria:

Hello: We recently had an interview in Vancouver with Alan Davis, a Baker who states that he used to work for you. During the course of checking his references, we found that he does not have the various certifications he claimed to have.
For example, we could find no mention of his German college anywhere ( we even contacted the German Embassy do see if the school had once existed, but has since closed), and his Master Baker status was from a non-accredited marketing company. As his interview process was quite costly, at this point we are determining what our next legal steps should be. Any information you could provide would be of help. Specifcally, has Mr. Davis ever worked for your company?
Henry Kipling, Food for Thought Productions

Victoria's reply to Vancouver:
Good Evening,
Very interesting, I did interview a person who said his name was Alan Davis. He basically told me the same as you. Master baker, Germany blah, blah blah. I was a bit cautious with him because he is not the only person who has come to me looking for a job or askiing questions about how I was able to come up with my recipes.
Anyway, I did find it odd that a Master baker would come looking for a job with GF Patisserie, we are very new and very small, would not be able to afford a Master bakers salary. So, no, he did not work for me at GF Patisserie. If you need anything else, just email or call.
Sincerely, Victoria
Reply from Vancouver to Victoria:

Hi Victoria:
Thank you for the information. Mr. Davis lists you as his current, contracted employer. He brought several gluten-free products which he said came from your commercial bakery, and which he said he produced with his assistants, two girls from the Congo.
He elaborated by saying that he fired the German bakery Chef because he was racist, after which he trained the two African ladies to the level of journeymen bakers. He did not mentioned your name, but supplied the name of your business and your address. Given our experience with this person, I would suggest that you remain on the lookout for other queries re: this false employment.
Kind Regards,
Henry Kipling, Food for Thought Productions

Victoria to Vancouver:
Thank you for the info. Mr. Davis seems to have quite the imagination. I don't particularly like that he is giving out gluten free baking and saying it is coming from GF Patisserie.
I have worked very hard to build GF Patisserie's reputation has having the best gluten free baked goods and this worries me a little. May I ask, why were you interviewing him? What was the interview about?
Sincerely, Victoria

Vancouver to Victoria:
Thanks for the feedback, Victoria. We feel very shaken up here. This is the first time we have spent time with a person that is obviously insane.
Mr. Davis answered a Craigslist advert for a Master Baker in Vancouver. We are starting a bakery/pastry shop/cafe that currently employs one Michelin Star Chef and has two more on the Board of Advisors. Just for the record, Mr. Davis represented that GF Patisserie was owned by a man; that it grossed $4Million a year and that he was able, through his contact in the Canadian government, to get a grant for $400,000 each year for the past 5 years paid to GF Patisserie for his research in gluten-free baking.
Again, there is no evidence that any of this is true. If you want his contact info, in order to send a cease and desist, we would be happy to assist.

Strange or what? Please be on the lookout for some strange guy claiming he bakes for GF PATISSERIE


karenk said...

that is the craziest story I have ever heard. OMG he is sure is crazy. Lucky for Victoria that the other company contacted her.

Allison the Meep said...

What a nutcase! Sorry you're having to deal with such craziness.

Aphrodite's Web said...

There are tons of crackpots out there and he is a big one. It almost seems that some crazy people are attracted to GF food. I think the wheat has affected their minds.

Thank goodness they checked with you and hopefully no one will fall for his lies.

I know of a guy who tricked employers for 30 years saying he was an aviation engineer, he produced fake credentials. He eventually was imprisioned for it when he couldn't produce a license. Then he got out and started all over again and had pictures of himself working on helicopters and planes.

Better to be wary than lose everything to a nutbar.

Reluctant One said...

This is disgusting. Mr Davis has popped up here and there over my career. I've never met him, but I've worked for people who've had dealings with him, although his story has never been as outlandish as this. If anything those I know who have dealt with him felt he was a sorry old man with old world skills who should have retired long ago.

I guess it's a little more than that, no?

Anyway, I've passed this post on to as many people as I can in the industry. Not only does it mar the good work Victoria and Lauren do, it also lessens the skill and hard work of all of us who work very hard for experience and credentials. Baking is an honourable trade, and insane or no, this man needs to be stopped.

Black Bat Inc. said...

I was forwarded your blog by a mutual friend Joanna.
I have had dealings with Alan in the past, and by the sounds of it, he's getting worse!!!! Please tell all you colleges to avoid this man like the plague, I know I have.
I'm sorry to hear that he has abused your reputation. Thank goodness the establishment form Victoria contacted you!!!!

gfe--gluten free easily said...

Wow. Your post was incredible enough, but then to read other comments that show folks know this man. Wow.

I have heard that some of the top bloggers (one gf) have had similar unsettling experiences, with folks buying similar domain names, pretending to be them, and replying to comments as them. Spooky, huh? And, not cheap to fix.


dutchbaby said...

Astonishing story! I'm glad you didn't fall into the web of this man's trickery.

A Canadian Foodie said...

OMG! You are in the middle of your own James Bond movie! The poor fellow, really. He is probably off of his medication... as he continues to use the same name. Clearly delusional. And, a story to tell. Keep us posted.

bruleeblog said...

I echo what everyone else is saying - this is just nuts. Are you going to send a cease and desist letter?

dolci said...

Well it all makes sense now, mr davis was hired and fired last week so we decided to google him for the fun of it. he is one lucky duck we didnt know this from the beginning.

H.Peter said...

Hi Dolci,

sorry to hear about your trouble.
Where are you located?

The truth said...

This guy continues to lie now doing so online. He created all kinds of lies about himself and this can be found on a LinkedIn website he created touting all the things he claimed he invented:

Amanda Van Brenk said...

THIS GUY WORKSAT MY RESTAURANT NOW. The last head chef was a dumb ass and hired him with out checking his background first and now we can't fire him until his contract is up. If this is the same guy I think were talking about (almost 50 yrs old, short chubby grey hair with a stutter and major social problems) do not hire him as he is the most innefficient and obnoxious person that thinks he's so great and expert at everything and actually knows very little about pastry.

Amanda Van Brenk said...

This guy??

H.Peter said...

Oh boy. Hope the contract goes by fast.

Dan Bronswyk said...

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