Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Last Sunday the whole family spent some time together. Including Lauren, who's boyfriend was not in town. That is a rare occasion nowadays. Nice it was. Too rare. In Vegas, when all kids were little, we spent many more weekends together, doing all sorts of fun things.

Anyway. For lunch I recommended to check out Heritage Market again, the future home of the Calgary Farmers' Market. It still is the same old flea market set up and just from a traffic point of view, I cannot see the Farmers' Market fit into that location.

Inside their mini food court is a Mexican Taqueria, which was our target for lunch. Authentic tacos. And good they are. I mean excellent. A great selection of Salsas, well spiced meats and soft corn Tacos. GLUTEN FREE- no worries.

They even offer Cow Tongue, which I had to have. Yes, click on the last image and you see the tongue being prepped for me...Only open on weekends.

Lauren's pick. Pork

One of mine. Cow tongue. Try it, it's tasty.

Excellent Salsa. On the right, a spicy Guacamole.

The set up.



Simply...Gluten-free said...

Oh man - now I'm hungry all over again!

H.Peter said...

Sorry to tempt you Carol. I know you are on a fitness kick.

But do you really need it?
Let's eat!

gfe--gluten free easily said...

What fun to eat good tacos out! Although it's hard to believe that the man who is scared of a little pumpkin enjoys cow tongue. ;-) (Talk about not wasting anything ... I bet you like chittlins and the like, too. LOL)


H.Peter said...

Hi Shirley,

I grew up with eating tongue In Austria. No worries there, but pumpkins???

Tim Hoven said...

Why is it that you think the Calgary Farmers Market will not be a good fit at the Heritage location?

H.Peter said...

Hey Tim,

I am an extremely impatient driver.
Without the farmers' market, sometimes on a Saturday it takes three lights to make a left turn into the service road, when coming from Blackfoot north.

Add to that school traffic on Friday, market traffic as well as regular Blackfoot frequency and all of a sudden getting to the Balzac mall seems like a breeze.

The structure itself no worries. Just traffic is going to get a lot of people grumpy.