Sunday, August 16, 2009


The weather in Calgary last week was really bad. Rainy, foggy, cold. All week basically. Not good.
Food does compensate though. Hearty, and basic dishes.
Though some foods not many people like. Like Black pudding. Rare to find a good blood sausage in Calgary, I did find this speciman at Ben's Meat's & Deli in Edmonton.

Well fried with roasted potatoes, some gluten free bread, Dutch Mustard and Horse radish....I was the only one in the whole family eating it .

Also procured at Ben's Meats last time I was delivering, a pile of meaty beef bones. Flintstone size bones. Victoria made them for me, slow cooking all Sunday afternoon. I had to leave the house, the aroma drove me crazy. The meat fell off the bones and this time, all of us enjoyed the meal.

Another favorite food of mine is anything Crisp. Not just bacon and other savory things that are crispy, but Victoria's gluten free fruit crisps. Like this very tasty Peach and Rhubarb crisp...who cares about the weather if you have food like that!


*your sister said...

does this mean that ben's has more stuff from you guys??? Do I have to go over there again??? :)


H.Peter said...

Hey kristin,

his freezer is full of GF Patisserie's goodies. youjust have to ask.
Dave (The Owner) is back from holidays Tuesday