Tuesday, August 18, 2009


While I spent the day at a really bad industry trade show in Edmonton, Isabella got to ask for some food she really craves from when she was not on a gluten free diet.

Kids. So easy to please. I think all restaurants should punt their clientel and replace them with children. No more complaints. Just messy table cloth and spilled milk.
But then, Chowhound would not be fun anymore. We are so opinionated....

Anyway. Isabella asked for Spaghetti with Tomato sauce (she got fresh, home made, gluten free Tagliatelle). Victoria made Pasta again... very very good.

And Chicken Nuggets. Breaded with the finest (size) gluten free bread crumbs from GF PATISSERIE'S bread and real chicken breast, Victoria made Isabella a really happy girl today. And me too, as I was really excited with all the leftover Pasta I got to eat.

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Jessmeca said...

mmmmmm........ *Drools* So thats why you werent open on Tuesday! lol

Im going to have to try to make my own pasta one of these days!