Saturday, August 29, 2009


I think by nature of ingredients most curries are gluten free. So, nothing special here. It's the franchised chain restaurants that screw it all up with adding wheat based thickeners to the curries...

Victoria loves Thai curries and a while ago she found some paste and nitrate free coconut stuff at a local ethnic grocer. (and she stocked up on the Coconut milk....)

In my quest to make something different for dinner, I decided to finally use the green paste and whip up a Thai chicken curry. This would be a recipe for a fellow Blogger,

Shirley's claim to fame is everything GF easily. This recipe could have been from her, that's how easy it was to make a seriously top quality dinner. Actually, i feel confident enough to call it "Thai Restaurant quality". This paste is fantatsic.

The Paste and coconut milk form the basis, then you add spices and touches to your liking. Most of it all is already int eh paste, but I added a hand full of Basil leaves from the yard, some fish sauce and brown sugar to take the edge off for Isabella. Simmer until it starts to get a bit thicker and serve.
Now, Lauren does not like curries. But yesterday she did eat a bowl of it, saying she does like green curries. Kids. What can I say.


Lauren said...

Yum! That sounds delicious =D.

gfe--gluten free easily said...

H. Peter--I am sitting here just about speechless and so humbled that you would mention me this way. I came over just to catch up from being AWOL so long and look what I found! What a beautiful job you did showing how a simple and wonderful meal can be gluten free easily (gfe!). Thank you for sharing the gfe concept with such a great dish! And, thanks again for the link--it's really so generous. :-) I am such a fan of you and Victoria and all your efforts in the gf world!


H.Peter said...

Hi Lauren,

come on by for dinner!

H.Peter said...

Oy. Shirley, speechless? Nah. Impossible.

Just my little contribution to your fantastic write ups.