Wednesday, July 15, 2009


So many of you asked Victoria if the Paninis will be back that she told me to make more gluten free Paninis this Saturday from 11AM to 2PM

I gladly oblige, fans of GF Patisserie. The weather is supposed to be nice, a perfect reason for a nice day trip to Cochrane.
And I promise I won't run out of that dipping sauce this time.

Lauren has also made plans for all sorts of great pies and cakes, Key Lime and Banana Cream Pies, as well as Mini Chocolate cakes with raspberry filling or whipped cream.


Chris said...

Looks like some tasty sandwiches!

H.Peter said...

Gluten free paninis. If i would not tell you, you would not know the difference.

Somehow I tink it's amazing.

Jessmeca said...

Thats it i dont care how sick i am on Saturday im either driving down to Cochrane or Craig is doing a mercy dash for me!

If he does please make sure he comes home with some of everything for me!

Thanks! :)

H.Peter said...

Hey Jess,

I hope you feel better soon.