Friday, June 12, 2009


Finally got a chance to visit a restaurant in Calgary that was on my radar for a while. Cravings, a "fresh market food" type restaurant is part of a larger catering company here in town.
Set up with a few different food statuions, you order food from the chefs manning the individual cooking areas and the wait staff then serves the plates to your table. A similar, yet much smaller concept of Moevenpick's in Europe. You can find those along the Autobahn in Austria Switzerland and Germany.

The Pizza oven was on full blast and the Pizza inside looked very good, so I opted for that. My lunch buddies had Pasta and a seafood casserole. I have to say the food was very well presented and tasted very good as well. So if you are NOT a Celiac, let me recommend this place. The patio alone is worth a visit.
Almost as a routine though , just in case I would want to schlepp Victoria there one day, I had to ask a server about gluten free options.
Can't be that difficult I thought, it's all prepped fresh, plus they own a large catering company. They should know how to handle a common request like that.
Ehm, not so. The server went to speak with the head chef who basically told me that they are not prepared to guarantee anything being gluten free.

Come again? What do you mean can't guarantee....
Well, it turns out you CAN have the Rotisserie Chicken. But no sides. OK. Short and to the point. No guarantees.
Victoria, you won't have to come here with me for lunch.


Caitlin said...

I've eaten there before - we had the same thought you did about the fresh preparation etc. It didn't end well. I had the rotisserie chicken and veg as a side (was told it was GF) and neither of them were. Such potential and such a let down. Thanks for the heads up for everyone. I'm sure we are not the only people that thought it had potential.

gfe--gluten free easily said...

Warnings about places are good, too. Unfortunate they are not more gf friendly though.


H.Peter said...

hey Caitlin,

it's fresh. How hard can it be to leave a few things out?

Too many cmpanies see medical minorities as just that. A marketshare they are willing to forego. Sad, but true.

H.Peter said...

Hi Shirley,

I am sure you know that I could be much zanier about places like that.

But for the common good & Karma reasons I won't get too rough on people and places who don't care.

gfe--gluten free easily said...

H.Peter--Sure ... but I agree with your approach. Just give the facts. Super negativity only attracts negativity. I hope with time they'll see the value of providing some safe options. The truth is that we all don't "know" before we "know"--if that makes sense. Maybe they'll get a loyal patron whose wife is celiac ;-) or a server who is gluten free. The statistics show that gf patrons are some of the most loyal once they find a place they can eat safely.

Have a great weekend! It's our anniversary and we're headed to our mtn property. Sure hope there's no snow for you this weekend. :-)


H.Peter said...

Hello Shirley,

enjoy the weekend and congratulations.

No snow here. Auction tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just wanted to say that it doesn't look like there are any GF people coming to the food blogger meetup in Edmonton. Now if you still want to send samples I'm sure people wouldn't mind but I think you'd probably get better pr by sending a sample to say, ugonnaeatthat.

H.Peter said...


thanks for the heads up, next time I send bread AND Celiacs who want to eat it?

Pambobanker said...

Interesting, especially after I just finished reading an article in the current issue of "Living Without" a great magazine for people with food allergies, they especially focus on dairy and gluten - and this one article about dining out and how so many restaurants are now catering to these allergies - because they see their business go up 10 to 20%.....Guess we still have lots more work to on I march!!!

H.Peter said...

I find 20% hard to believe quite frankly. But for sure, if a resto treats celaic clietnss eriously, they are the single mostloyal clientel anyone can have.