Monday, June 15, 2009


So. Who wants to move in with us? We got room.
See, the thing is, not everything Victoria makes at home, will be available at GF Patisserie. They are too busy with what's already being made. So the best solution is to apply for gluten free gourmet asylum and move in with us. Then you too could have had gluten free Doughnuts today.

When I got back from Isabella's school today, the smell of hot oil was so strong I thought Victoria made french fries or something. But no. Better. Doughnuts. Glazed ones. Still warm.

Amazing. Soft, flavorfull and a bit closer to "Krapfen" (Austrian style doughnuts) than Krispy Kreme.
Victoria, given the right support, could take GF Patisserie to a whole other level, that's for sure. One step at a time I guess.

Who's moving in?


Jessmeca said...


Please please please if you cant share them with us please share the recipe???

I have wanted doughnuts soo badly lately, i actually caved and ate some non GF ones at a rodeo recently... very bad idea i was sick for two days and am still tired!

I used to be able to buy crappy frozen gluten free doughnuts in Aus, but no luck here. Please could you share your recipe for these lovely looking creations?

Id be forever grateful, and id only use your flour!

*Still drooling over the FB Pics*

H.Peter said...

Hi Jessica,

are you coming down to Cochrane this weekend?

karenk said...

Can Victoria make mini donuts and sprinkle them with Cinnamon and sugar. Then i could take them with me to the stampede and be in heaven.
Haven't decided if Im going to go to the grounds this year. It might just be too hard to handle all the wonderful food smells and not being able to eat any of it.

The pics are great! You are so lucky.

H.Peter said...

Hi karen,

I doubt she will go ahead with the Doughnuts...

I go once a year to the Stampede, let isabella go on rides and be done with it as soon as she gets tired...

Jessmeca said...


Not sure when we will next be coming to Cochrane, although we have to go to Airdrie this weekend.. that sorta close isnt it lol :)

Will definately pick Victoria's brain next time im in the house of wonder :)

Im actually excited to go to Stampeed.. but that might be 'cause ive never been before lol

Jocelyn said...

I'm in!!!

They look like heaven!!!

if you don't have a spare room, I'd settle for Victoria teaching my husband to bake like that :)

H.Peter said...

Hi jessica,

there is a back road from Airdrie to Cochrane. 20 minutes.

H.Peter said...

Hello Jocelyn,

Ah. Maybe we rotate the visitors?
The Doughnuts tasted great.

Aileen - ToyBox Studios said...

If Victoria ever decides to make mini doughnuts and sell them I would definitely buy lots of them! That's one thing I know a lot of celiacs miss because it's not something that's readily available and they are ooh, soooo good! :)

H.Peter said...

Hi Aileen,

I am with you on this one. But Victoria chuckled and asked me to buy her a machine for that part of the biz.
All her baked goods are made by hand...

See you Saturday

gfe--gluten free easily said...

Still catching up on your posts ... ;-). "Gluten-free Asylum"--that would be a great blog name! LOL Who wouldn't want gluten-free asylum for these doughnuts? :-)


H.Peter said...

Well Shirley, right up the road from you is the Canadian Embassy!

Those friendly folks would for let you in, based on dietary restrictions