Thursday, May 07, 2009


Today GF Patisserie had me run a delivery into the south end of Calgary and it so happened that I was able to take Isabella with me on the trip. Not much is more enjoyable than her company on my trips around town. She's my captive audience.....

Of course she knows that there is always something cool or exciting happening when she is with me. Food mostly.

I wanted to stop at Milestone's for quite some time after reading some very good reviews from people like this guy:

Milestone's is owned by CARA, Canada's largest full service restaurant owner with such well known chains as Montana's, Swiss Chalet, Harvey's and of course Milestone's.
They also are Canada's largest airline caterer. So they know (systematic) food. They know allergies. You'd think.

But I did not do what I preach by choosing one of their places today, which is stay away from chain restaurants and franchised operations. Why? Because they do not care for that 1% of the market that's made up of Celiacs. They can still feed the rest of us without fearing for repercussions from cross contaminated food, or challenging their staff with knowledge on allergies and other diseases.

Your choices at Milestone's are Salmon (Poached?) and salad. That's it. No other food is safe for you.
The server was extremely patient though as I got a bit testy with her argument that it's all made fresh on site, but they do take allergies so serious that they won't say it's gluten free. What? Come again?

I have my doubts about that specific claim of freshness, since it would be fairly easy for any self trained "Hausfrau-Chef" to watch out for cross contamination of any kind. Come on. Unless of course you have no clue what's in that bag you just opened to finish off the sauce.

CARA most likely preps a majority of their basics in huge production facilites, trucks out pre packaged ingredients such as sauces and microwaveable sides to their restos, which saves money on food cost and staff. Can't really blame them.

The server really saved Milestone's repution in my eyes by being not only friendly with a grumpy Austrian, but she was actually well informed and eloquent about allergies as well. It's not her, it's CARA.

So, I will go back myself one day to finally try their sliders, but I won't bring back the family and if you are a Celiac, it's not worth it for you. Salmon you can get everywhere.


Angi, Kyle, and Deak said...

I totally got sick here... lol. We talked to our waiter, who talked to the chef, who told me what I ordered was GF... the car ride home plus a look online, roved them idoits. Oh well... you live and learn

H.Peter said...

Hi Angi,

sorry to hear that.
I could not believe it when I talked to the waitress.

Such a large company, so little care.

I Love Food Blog said...

Thank you so much for the blog link! Glad you enjoy following my food blog.

H.Peter said...

You are welcome.

Personally I was impressed with the selection, but as mentioned, I have to look out for gluten issues.

I will go for those sliders soon!

Endlesspossiblities said...
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Endless Possibilities said...

No GF Milestones should be celebrated there, they sound like they suck if they cant be bothered to include everyone.

Anonymous said...

Too bad about the restaurant. I've never really liked chain restaurants too much. The locally owned places are usually so much better.

So what will you do when Milestone's finds your blog? Run Peter! Run!!!!

Caitlin said...

Thanks for your post. I also went to Milestones and suffered for it. Our server was great, and I felt confident in her - it's more the 16 yr old line cook who cooks by number that I don't trust. Like you said, I bet most sauces etc are made somewhere else and then just poured on top. There can't be any quality control that way. And the pour servers get the brunt of it. I feel for them!

Great post, thanks for writing it.

H.Peter said...

Hi Lorne,

I will go back to Milestone's, I am just surprised that such a large conglomerate can't come up with a plan for GF food.

No running for me...

H.Peter said...

Hey Caitlin,

You are the third person here telling me about a negative experience. Unreal.