Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The real Canadian Superstore. Not my favorite grocery store to begin with. Always too busy, too noisy, I do not enjoy shopping there at all.
At the produce section you can get the impression that TODAY is the last day of fresh fruits and veggies. People are in a frenzy and on the verge of a food fight.

Maybe it's their commercials on TV , or other subliminal messages that reach me and I find myself going there more often than before. Usually I try to rush through for my essentials and get out, but yesterday I hung around the store and wanted to see what else they have to offer.

The concept has changed I would say. Big banners touting their healthier and organic choices, deli staff that actually can answer question and some funky imported products that made my exploring fun.

A huge rice selection, soft drinks with a "genuine Caribbean taste" (which let me tell you tastes not that good), FREYBE cold cuts which are 100% gluten free, fresh Lychees, which I never had and a very big variety of Choy...

By far the largest Rizopia pasta selection in Calgary, a freezer full of Kinnikkinick, Glutino and Pamela's products, so even for Celiacs it is worth it to stop by that store. Prices seem to be lower than at Sobey's or COOP, but I am not that much of a comparison shopper.
What do you buy at Superstore?


Nicole said...

Superstore is a terrible place to get groceries. We always see people acting so rude and food and junk are always all over the floor. It's like people have food fights with the veggies and milk products lol. We quit going because we just couldn't stand all the rude people and junk everywhere.

We know go to extra foods here in town. A nice, small version of Superstore. Much better! We buy all of our groceries there most of the time.

Pambobanker said...

I am in Red Deer and the superstore here isn't that bad - however - I have yet to see that much of a g/f selection - which Superstore were you at?

H.Peter said...

Hello Nicole,

I tend to agree. Esp. in the area of your prior residence.

Extra Foods is just as good.

H.Peter said...

Red Deer, hmmm, they should be able to get it all for you. Just show them the pictures....

Usually we frequent the Country Hills location. Calgary NW.

gfe--gluten free easily said...

I don't do the big discount stores. I can't even stand the regular grocery store. I pretty much hate grocery shopping. LOL I don't think I'd ever go anywhere you could potentially get in a food fight. You make so many sacrifices for us, your readers. ;-) Glad you found some good stuff!


H.Peter said...

Food fights in the fruit section!

Not quite as bad.