Tuesday, May 19, 2009



I love Tuesdays. Experiment day at GF Patisserie.
These are the trials and until Mrs. Perfect (Victoria) deems them ready for the public, they are for home consumption only.

Now go send GF PATISSERIE an email that you want bagels!


Nicole said...

Oh wow!!! Good job Victoria and Lauren!!!

Lauren Jane Marie said...

all Victoria on this one!

Allison the Meep said...

Those look fantastic! How many items does GF Patisserie carry? It seems that you've got a really nice range of goods.

H.Peter said...

Good morning Allison,

I thinkthat is Lauren's main complaint....too many items, not enough time.

check the website: www.gfpatisserie.com

There is an order form. They are on a roll with new products.

talat said...

These bagels looks fantastic. I wouldn't mind one with one of those cheesy spread. Yum!

jackie @ phamfatale.com

Dana Wax said...

It's offical. I'm moving to canada.

Great job ladies, these look amazing!!!!

- dana

H.Peter said...

Hi Dana,

think twice.....just look at the weather report.

I'd much rather convince Victoria to open GF Patisserie in Vegas, then you can all come by and nosh once in a while.

Pambobanker said...

Those bagels look absolutely amazing!! Are they available for order?? I was down to the bakery a week and a half ago from Red Deer and my husband has been in heaven ever since - the cheese buns are unbelievable!! Thanks!!

H.Peter said...

Hi there,

I am very happy for your husband.

The Bagels are still in the prototype phase of production.
Victoria will let you all know when they are good enough for the store.

BUT let me tell you, I am NOT a Celiac and ate a lot of them, they are fantastic.

Pambobanker said...

Sounds good - just so you know your link to the Facebook page doesn't work.

Katrina said...

Bagels are a serious challenge. I am still working on perfecting them myself. They always taste fine, but are missing that spring. Do you know what I mean?

H.Peter said...

Hi Katrina,

these bagels have the "spring". Not 100% as a real Montreal Bagel, but very well done for a GF bagel.