Tuesday, April 21, 2009


M Resort is the latest addition to the Las Vegas casino hotel collection. It's a neighborhood casino, meaning the property is not located inside the Strip corridor, but closer to where the locals live.
The hotel is located on the very south end of I-15, just before you head out of into Las Vegas.

Great architecture if you like gleaming glass, very contemporary on the inside as well.
I wanted to check out their buffet, since the advertising was rather enticing. We did not end up eating at the buffet, but I was able to take a few images. Studio B, is advertised as a show kitchen buffet, not exactly a new concept, but a well executed one. All food stations are open, you can see the various chefs prepping Pizza, salads, grill meats, make Crepes and so on.

A stunning decor, with a large LED screen for more impact on what's at the buffet.
Cannot comment on the food, other than the presentation which was very very nice. Especially the dessert part. Fresh Crepes and Gelato galore would have me convinced to eat there, but the rest of the family did not want a huge meal that day. Next time.

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Anonymous said...

Cool looking place! Too bad you didn't get to eat anything! I haven't been to a buffet in so long!

H.Peter said...

Hello Lorne,

we used to eat at the buffets a fair bit, but outgrew it after a while.

I hear some interesting things about teh Grey Eagle Casino Buffet here in Calgary.

GFE--gluten free easily said...

Enticing photos indeed ... but, what about the gluten-free factor? And, I am always leery of buffets ...


H.Peter said...

Ehm, Shirley....

sometimes with food the excitement gets away with me.

I love food. When I took the images AND when I wrote the post, I did not think of you poor Celiacs AT ALL!

That happens very rarely as you know, but once in a while, I LOVE main stream reporting.

I did not speak to any of the chefs at hand. Next time, I promise, I will.

GFE--gluten free easily said...

H.Peter--Sorry for the delayed response. You are not celiac/gluten free yourself, so you don't have to be on duty 24/7. ;-) You are here every day helping us out otherwise.


H.Peter said...

So I am off the hook? Phew.....