Monday, April 20, 2009


Caitlin from Glutastic uncovered a really interesting piece of journalism recently, which made her write this fantastic post:

Of course I agree with Caitlin with her assessment of the article in Avenue magazine, but I also have to say look at the magazine. The research and fact checking is sub par, especially a very old and closed location for Earth's Oven. How can you miss something so simple like that?

Avenue Magazine is a good magazine when it comes to glossy portraits of beautiful things, like a new home that's designed well, or who is the best dressed person in Calgary. But Avenue Magazine is not known for interesting stories, nor are they known for in depth reporting of ANY kind of important issues.

I am curious however how YOU perceive this article they wrote about Celiacs disease being over diagnosed, or mis diagnosed as leaky gut syndrome, or almost a lifestyle choice by many. Please let Caitlin know. And of course AVENUE Magazine.


Allison the Meep said...

While I know nothing about Avenue magazine, I agree completely with Caitlin. Celiac disease is getting lumped into the fad diet category along with Atkins and South Beach.

Except that those are diets, and we have an actual disease. I love Caitlin's sarcasm to this doctor that assumes half of us simply suffer from leaky gut syndrome.

H.Peter said...


how are you? How are the bakery plans coming along?