Monday, April 20, 2009


During my days as a travelling guy in the furniture biz, I had the chance to visit the southern US fairly frequently, since many of my clients were located in places like Memphis, Birmingham, Lafayette, Atlanta, High Point, Greensboro, and other great towns over there.

Once business was done, the great joy of those trips always was lunch or dinner. Many times I was asked if I ever had real BBQ and I always said no, to see which local BBQ joint is the pride and joy of my clients.

This way I got to eat at many distinctly different places and always let my clients choose what to order since they know best, it's their hometown BBQ after all.
Of course every time I did return home and enthused about my roadside shack experiences to Victoria, she wanted some Ribs or pulled Pork as well. Back then, there really only was one decent BBQ place in Vegas and when the owner of it got shot outside his house, that was it. No mo' BBQ.

But maybe a year later, just around the corner from our neighborhood they developed a new district (It's actually called The District) and with it came Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ.
I must admit that I was fairly skeptic, since Lucille's is a small California based chain, but we had to try it of course. And good they cook. or smoke, or BBQ. Lucille's fast became our neighborhood place of choice for casual dinners out.

A "smokestack" is placed right there in the middle of the restaurant, stainless steel and once in a while you can see the chef actually putting the ribs in, or take out.
And (almost) every time we go back to visit, a stop to Lucille's is part of the trip. Business is brisk to this day, portions are large enough to take home half the ribs and the flavors of their meats are excellent. The Beef Ribs (8 of them) are for sure the star on the menu, falling off the bones tender and a great BBQ sauce that compliments and does not over shadow the meat.

Choices of sides are roasted garlic mashed potatoes, shoestring fries, a baked potato, southern sweet potatoes, macaroni-and-cheese, cheese grits, BBQ baked beans, greens, peanut slaw, a vegetable medley, flame roasted corn on the cob, or potato salad. With the exception of the obvious Mac 'n cheese and grits ( so sad)all sides are GF as well. Some are excellent, some are misses (corn & greens).

Their flourless chocolate cake is fine, not excellent, but so large that all three of us had plenty of it. basically it is your typical fudge brownie creation that so many chains serve as GF dessert option these days.

I did not mention the really good, Biscuits, served warm with Apple butter, since they are NOT GF, but yes, they are brilliant too.

Here is a link to all their locations:


GFE--gluten free easily said...

Those ribs look mighty fine. My son would flip over them. He's a huge rib fan.

How clever of you to say you had not had real barbecue! ;-)


Anonymous said...

mmmmm bbq! It is bbq season and me likey!

H.Peter said...

Hi Shirley,

well yes, in sales you always let the clients think it is THEIR decision, not just for food....

H.Peter said...


I must admit that in our house Victoria is the better BBQer.
I am not patient enough.

We love BBQ at home, we even ditched our gas grill a while ago.