Friday, March 27, 2009


Calgary may not be ready for spring, but GF Patisserie certainly is. Victoria and I (hey it's Lauren...haven't posted in a while!) have started to get pretty tired of the snow, its officially the new season! To help get us in the mood, we made spring-themed sugar cookies for everyone to enjoy.

Mutual effort goes into making these, Victoria bakes them off, and I do the finishing touhes. I quite enjoy singing "Little Peter Cottontail" as I decorate...the bunny rabbits are my favourite! Oooh sprinkles! They'll definitely bring out the kid in you. But after all the effort that goes into them, I am glad we can enjoy these little edible creations.


H.Peter said...

Great cookies.
Thanks for posting Lauren.

Anonymous said...

The cookies look great!

Nicole said...

Very cute! Makes we want to make cookies for Easter now :o)

GFE--gluten free easily said...

Beautiful cookies, Lauren! I've always been weak for decorated seasonal cookies!


Merisi said...

Oh, these are gorgeous!
I am such a failure at decorating cookies.

Would you share the dough recipe?
I once had a sugar cookie recipe that was quite good (after a night's rest in the fridge also really easy to roll out), but I lost it. Any I have tried since, stick to the rolling pin like glue or refuse to be rolled out when cold.