Wednesday, March 04, 2009


On my way back to Canada, I had a 23 hour layover in HK and it was a great day. A few years ago I worked for HK based company which allowed me to visit this great city frequently. Since it was work related, my tourist outings were somewhat limited to the manager's likings. Mostly Kowloon and New Territories. he liked to hike....with his dogs. I dutyfully went along, but died halfway up the hills. His dogs rescued me.
The exception at the time was the sales manager for China, Brenda.
She always took time to show me around the true Hong Kong, off the beaten path. That was fun. Restaurants, markets, even IKEA, which was a blast.
My first visit to Shanghai, she also introduced me to some of my favorite restaurants that I still visit today.

So this time, for one day only, I wanted to just walk and see some back alleys of Hong Kong. My hotel was in Sheung Wan again. From there I started with the trolley towards central and every time there was something interesting to see, I jumped off to walk for a while, before climbing back on board. Every time you get off teh tram, it costs 2.00 HKD, a few cents, which make this way of exploring the city one of the most economic. I made it all the way to Happy Valley, a residential area in the north of HK, maybe best known for the best horse racing track in HK.

So much to see, so little time. The one image is of a variety of bird's nest, for that well known soup. The whole store was full of rare and expensive foods, shark's fins and all.
I had a baguette at a french store, visited a few alleys full of clothing markets and watched Hong Kong slide by from the upper deck of the trolley. All in an afternoon's worth of time.

One of the regular Bloggers I read, was in HK at the same time, her musings are much more eloquent and better written than mine, so let me urge you visit this BLOG for some really great stories and pictures about Hong Kong.


Anonymous said...

Dude, I need to come to Hong Kong with you so YOU can show ME around! That would be fun! What would I have to buy from you to warrant a trip out east?

H.Peter said...

Ehm, an airline ticket? Some pocket money and you are in the game.

Tell your bos there is this really important avionics show in HK, that you MUST visit on his dime....

Simply...Gluten-free said...

I am going to China and Hong Kong in a couple weeks, thanks for the preview!

H.Peter said...

Ah. You will enjoy it.
Great place to visit.

GFE--gluten free easily said...

Wow, great pics! I will check out your blogger friend's site.


Anonymous said...

Good point...but I don't know of any avionics shows in HK. Perhaps I can go to learn Kung Fu! That may be good for business.

H.Peter said...

Then let's just go.