Sunday, March 29, 2009


With more snow arriving all last night and today, this is going to be a lazy Sunday. With the food to go with it.

I took some of GF PATISSERIE'S Italian flatbread, toasted it and filled the loaf with some of my favorite combinations. St. Andre triple cream Brie cheese, Mortadella, my Dalmatian Fig spread and some fresh basil leafs. Quick and easy, but possibly one of the best sandwiches I came up with. Fig and Brie goes very well together. Add some fresh basil leafs....

Victoria got one of those indoor growing thingies at Christmas and despite my initial reservations of it ever producing anything, we have fresh basil at home all the time now. Great bonus when living in this country with this kind of weather.
Life is good. Never mind the snow.


Anonymous said...

The sandwich looks good. Perhaps you could come by with one and offer me some GF encouragement. I need it cause the baking is not going so well (just ask the trash can...)

Anonymous said...

I'd also like to ask where you get ingredients. Surely you know where GF items are cheapest. I've found Nutter's in Canmore and I just looked up Amaranth Whole Foods market in Crowfoot.

We went to the store here in Cochrane but they didn't have too much. Enough, but if I plan on baking I'll need more selection.


H.Peter said...

Patience, Lorne, patience.

Eating GF is almost like being punished twice.
First the cut backs on goodies, second the price. No matter where you go, most ingredients are up to four times as much as regular ingredients.
Xanthan gum, a key to make it work, is about 60.00/kg.
Same goes for flours to replace the wheat, simple supply and demand.

Victoria buys her ingredients by the ton, so that's out as a source for regular folks, but let me start by sending you this link:

Furthermore, against an earlier comment of yours about getting a biopsy, I'd do it to get the tax benefits. This way, you can write off the extra costs.

Yes, this summer sandwiches will be available, not sure yet which day, but it will be fantastic!
I am making them.

H.Peter said...

Here is one:

But it is probably further than your trip to Canmore....

Merisi said...

Oh, so delicious! :-)
Now I am getting seriously hungry.

I made profiteroles yesterday and used spelt flour. They came out beautifully!

GFE--gluten free easily said...

That sandwich looks good! The grow light thingy is very cool, too. :-)

My advice to Lorne, if you'll forgive me, H.Peter, is to start out by focusing on recipes that are naturally gluten free and don't require special ingredients. Cookies you can easily make, for example, are flourless peanut butter cookies, macaroons, forgotten cookies, and flourless oatmeal cookies. Pies like pumpkin and coconut can easily be made crustless and GF by just adding 1/4cup of GF flour to the mix. Quiche can be made this way, too. Nobody will miss the crust. Heavier pies (like apple) require a pourover crust. Just Google flourless or crustless to get ideas. You don't need much GF flour to make those treats. Desserts that are naturally GF for eating out (and some in) are creme brulee, mousse, pudding, sherbet, ice cream (without cookies and such). BTW, that xanthan gum will go a long way. My one container I bought in 2003 just ran out and I do a LOT of baking. Not much xanthan gum is required and obviously by baking flourless and crustless I don't need much. Hope that helps! Oh, and of course, when you don't want to bake yourself, you head to GF Patisserie!!

Merisi--FYI, spelt is NOT gluten free. That is a myth that keeps being spread by health food store staff, etc. If you want to read how spelt can affect someone who needs to be gluten free, please read this story.

Best to all,

H.Peter said...

There you go Lorne, help is everywhere in this community!

I agree with most comments, but then it is much easier for me, because if I get a craving I just leave the house and get a piece of pie...

If you do not go to Weigh2go soon and Blog about them, I will. let me know. Sounds like a cool place.

Maureen "Hold The Gluten" said...

Now that's a sandwich!!! The Italian flatbread looks delicious! I seriously want one of those indoor "growing thingies" (is that a technical term?!). Fresh basil all year long would be fantastic :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the support everyone! Going GF is hard after a lifetime of eating whatever really. But it's kind of refreshing to now make some new food choices and makes meal time fun all over again (not that I was bored...).

I've looked at GFE's site and I must say that I am impressed!

Peter, I doubt I'll go to weigh2go before you, but if I do make it then I suppose I will blog first :-)

H.Peter said...

It's all yours. Blog away.

GFE--gluten free easily said...

Lorne--Thanks so much! I appreciate your kind words. :-)


H.Peter said...

hey maureen,

yes, in my ESL Class that's what they taught me, just call it a thingy.....

Can you believe we still have snow up here?
We are very much ready for a nice sunny vacation down south at Easter.

Gluten free Kay said...

Love the tabletop herb farm! My basement greenhouse is full of sprouts, but your basil is ready to eat!