Saturday, March 14, 2009


The weekend. Time to spend with Isabella and her friend. Sleepovers, play time and of course a good breakfast. Most important meal of the day. So they say. "They" have not seen my breakfasts.

What was the main request? Waffles. Of course. With loads of whipped cream, berries and real maple syrup from Quebec. So I made a patch of gluten free waffles for the kids, hot chocolate with the leftover whipped cream. No surprise all of Isabella's friends want to sleep over at our house?

My camera was malfunctioning, so the images are from previous posts. The round waffle iron is at the house, the square ones are from GF Patisserie.
They have to make them weekly as they sell as fast as their breads.


Allison the Meep said...

We have that same waffle iron! But it needs a very VERY thorough cleaning, because it was used for gluten waffles before I found out almost two years ago that I have C.D. It hasn't been touched since....but now, I'm inspired to clean the heck out of it and make some nice waffles.

H.Peter said...

It's worth the cleaning job.

if you get the right mix with your GF Flours, Waffles make for a great great breakfast.

The square ones in the images are made on a commercial, high quality waffle iron and they are excellent after re toasting them.

Labor intensive for the bakery, but one of the most requested items.

GFE--gluten free easily said...

I can see why your house is popular for sleepovers! :-) I love making waffles. My recipe always makes a ton, so I freeze a bunch to pop in the toaster or oven later. It works great, but it doesn't seem like you'll ever have any leftover. ;-)


H.Peter said...

Hi Shirley,

Who needs eggos when youc an make your own toaster waffles.

GFE--gluten free easily said...

That's right! ;-)